how to have a nice line?


I made a new sketch – exercise for the drawing class DTO. The purpose of this exercise is to have a just line. We must draw a female bust freehand (without grid). It’s a hard work for me because I usually have to press hard with my pencil. Then, it is difficult to erase if it does not go. Therefore I prepare before I start.

How to prepare ?

  • First, indeed settle down. Having a good position and avoid drawing flat: it’s bad for your neck and bad for your drawing (error of perspective).
  • Doing warm-ups:if you have to draw a long time, warm as your arm and handle. It can seem stupid, but it is essential.
  • Make exercises: draw circles, these ovals, peanuts shape (see previous article) while applying. Then, make eight or other forms quickly with a fluid gesture.

Then, I can begin my drawing.


My sketch with freehand

Here is my sketch:


A sketch of a nude of woman

freehand sketch



It is 10 cm high (3.94 inch) and is made ​​on a typing paper with a HB graphite pencil. The filling is not terrible, but I think my line is correct. It looks like the camera model and that was the purpose of the exercise. Of course, I’m going to train again and again …..



(feature image of Maxgiani)

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