The shadow separated from the light


I continue my learning of the drawing with DTO and I  just learned that it is useful to draw a line of separation between shadow and  light on its drawing. Given that I am French, and Given that I understands very badly the American, I don’t know if I understood everything. But here is my experience.

We begin to draw the outline of the subject, then we draw the outline of the shadow. I tried this process and here is what it gives (drawing realized from a photo of a statuette of DTO).

sketch of a line separating shadow and light

shadow and light


  • To Allow a clear view of the light before beginning to shading;
  • To Allow to draw faster when it is about a sketch, but you will see it in a next drawing;
  • To Allow to have additional landmarks to draw in the right proportions;
  • In for merit to remind me the tonal value of my drawings before launching to me in the shade.

In conclusion

This technique allows a saving of time in the realization of a sketch and also allows to have a just drawing more quickly. Therefore,I  have to integrate this process into my way of conceiving a drawing. Try, you will see.

Just try it.

The featured image belong : Steve Loya (creative commons)

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