Sketch of man’s nude


Today, I show you a sketch realized freehand and without setting of mark before beginning the drawing. I followed the way of proceeding learnt during the course of online drawing on which I am now registered: DTO.


I began by drawing the shadows of the model without drawing the outline. It is very practical to go fast.
I began with the head and I followed the shadow of the shoulder in the foot by way of the arm to the right. Then, I tried to clearly delimit my subject. Then, I returned my more precise plan by drawing outlines. At the end, I improved the rendering by drawing the smallest shadows and by crossing my so necessary hatchings.

My drawing isn’t perfect of course, but it returns well the look of this character as well as its modeling.

sketch of a man nude

A nude of man



I used a very classic drawing paper in the format A4 125g / m ² and a  HB graphite pencil . This drawing was realized from a photo of DTO, it is copyrighted  and I can’t show it to you.

A small clarification: the character leans on the file of a chair which I did not reproduce because it was not the purpose of the exercise.


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