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Until now, I was doing an online drawing course, french course, but courses stagnate and I don’t progress. So, I’ve started a new drawing class online: ‘drawing tutorials online’. Thanks to this course (by video) I understood I pressed far too much on my pen and my line isn’t sure. What is more, I’m almost incapable to draw by imagination. So, I have got a lot of work in prospect.

When we want to draw by imagination, the most marigold is to place correctly but quickly the component of the drawing.

First of all, I begin to do :

  • Quickly sketch to set up ideas ;
  • To male thumbnail sketch to set the tone ;
  • To make a sketch more elaborate to set up the perspective and proportion or the final drawing directly.

If I block in the quickly sketch to set up character, I shall not make progress. There are methods to drawing character.

This is my realisation thanks to Drawing Tutorials Online :

sketch of a woman

a quickly sketch of a woman


Of course, it isn’t perfect, but I like it. This drawing is realized with a peanut shape ! Yes !! A peanut shape !

Drawing Tutorials Online, my drawing course.

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