The cheese

An image of a cheese on a table

The cheese

Here we arrived for the period of July, 2009. In any case for my drawings. For my courses of drawing, I do exercises. This time, it was on the perspective. I had to stage an object in the form of cube, by respecting the perspective. so I realized a drawing just taken of my imagination, and here is what it gives:

We find the shape of a cube in many things. In this image, it is a cheese and a set of pepperbox and salt-cellar. To return this drawing more nice and to increase the difficulty, I have to add two animals: a cat and a mouse.
As you can see, the cat seems cardboard and the plate is a little strange. My professor explained me that the plate also has to follow the perspective, and thus be of oval shape. A plate is constructed with a square! And yes, circles are outlined with a square in perspective.
In any case, I really had many pleasures to realize this drawing.

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