My second academic nude

A sketch of nudes


I continue my learning of the drawing. For that purpose, I have to draw academic nudes. I have already drawn a nude from a book. I spoke to you about it in this article: ‘ an academic nude ‘.

It is not very easy for me to draw a nude, because I am very modest. But it is the only means to get to draw coherent characters.

I made at first several sketches, always from a book. I don’t show you all sketches. It is not necessarily interesting.
Then, I realized a nude in the pencil graphite in the  A4 format.

a drawing of a nude

academic nude

There are many errors in this nude, as the buttock and the right leg. And according to my professor, there is also an error in the breast at the connection near the arm. And I do not even speak to you about the foot!
But it’s not serious, because I’m progressing.

In conclusion, a lot of exercises to do…..

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