my painting about tomatoesTest still life: painting tomatoes

After learning how to paint a sphere,  I dashed into the following course (Painting Tutorial Online) : to paint tomatoes.

I shall admit you that I wasn’t very proud to beginning this exercise. But the fact to see on video my professor painting tomatoes, I feel already more reassured. It’s a little trap, because I feel that it’s easy ….

Go, go, at work: a sheet of paper of 125 g / m² (it’s an exercise), create the drawing, two coats of gesso and let’s go!  

First, I prepare my colors, then the background gradient, then the blue carpet upon which the tomatoes, then ….. tomatoes!

So I must learn to:

There is another thing you need and I have not fully digested: patience …. don’t get excited. And here I wasn’t too bad part, but I am not arrived to properly clean the shade. Result, not satisfied with me, nervousness, so I botched this test.

This is my painting (7,87 X 7,50 inch):

my painting about tomatoes

"Two tomatoes" Sandy Taillan ©


Finally, it isn’t serious because I plan to redo this painting. Meanwhile, I left on the drawing. When I see this painting, now it is dry, I think it is not so ugly as it, and that you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. I understood how to give of the volume, to prepare its colors, and to use some brushes. It’s only  my  first courses of painting, apprenticeship will be long but it is normal.

Even the shape of tomatoes isn’t correct. I overwhelmed and carried away by the brushes …… yes,  ….. it’s the fault of the brushes …. (One must be guilty, right?!).


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