A graduation paintingOil painting graduation

I am currently subscribed to an online drawing course (DTO). I first took a week (1st week is free) and then a month of classes and now I am registered in the year. As I am delighted by these courses, I decided to take also courses in painting.

I am a beginner in painting, I tried, but without a teacher, I don’t arrive in much.

At first, I began to learn:

  • To order well my studio;
  • To choose my material of painting;
  • To make a palette;
  • To understand the concept of a color value.

Then we begin practical class with the gradation.
For this exercise, I used 6 different values of grey . Thanks to PTO (Painting Tutorials Online), I indeed learned how to blend colors and with which brush.


Here is the result :

A graduation painting

The graduation






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