the finished drawing of a womanFemale Characters 1

There’s some time, I received an email asking me if I knew how to draw the characters. I confess that I didn”t understand that person wanted. So I tried to get you an answer and in the meantime, I had fun creating a ‘character’ …..

In any case, I decided to start with a classic woman. Here is the preliminary sketch :

line-drawing of a woman

first layer

As you can see, no hair, and standard size no big or thin. This sketch will serve me to several other drawings.Then I chose a hairstyle, clothes, and here is what it gives:
Line drawing of a woman standard.

line drawing of a woman

second layer

From there, the drawing is finished. I chose the clothes from a catalog of online sales and I chose the hair on the net.

the finished drawing of a woman

finished drawing

There we are ! The hands are a bit small. This would be reviewed.

I find it easier to make a character starting with a ‘dummy’ standard, because you can easily modify it to match what you want.

Obviously, this drawing must be improved to become a truly finished drawing. Facial features should be more worked example. It is only a drawing of 17 cm (6.7 inch) and on printer paper. To get a better job, I would have had to draw it on a larger scale. Indeed, illustrators draw at scales larger than requested. Then the drawing is reduced by computer. This allows for illustrations with a better finish. (more details).

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