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On my french forum, I posted a link to a video of D. Kassan: he painted live (via Google+ Hangout) and you could see his paint palette. I had a brief exchange with one of our members on his palette he kept vertically on its easel. This gave me the idea for this article.

It’s always interesting to see someone working: you can see his favorite pencil or brush and you can see his equipment. Following this exchange on the forum, I decided to show you the layout of my palette to a study in progress ….. how ?! you prefer to see the palette of D. Kassan ?! Ok, I understand you. He even did an article on the subject :


Practical not ? There are even two supports for its mediums. This is very useful.
Namely, it will try to sell this palette to late autumn, To be continued …

Well, and now my work plan (Yes, you don’t avoid!)

Picture of my work plan

Disposition of my palette in a study.

The painting is A4 format and my work board measure 51 X 40 cm (20 X 15.75 inch) . On the left side (I’m left-handed) you can see a piece of cardboard on which I set a cotton rag (not fluffy) and my wall tile little palette . They hold in place by simple clips. The whole  is on my tabletop easel .

I’ve used my large palette in this way, the principle is the same. But in this study, I didn’t use it even if it’s next to me on the table, if necessary.

Oh? You think I copied D. Kassan? And not, sorry to disappoint you ….. I copied my teacher of drawing and painting Matthew Archambault of Drawing-Tutorials-Online.com. It uses a piece of paper towel instead of my cotton rag and a sheet of special paper palette instead of my ceramic tile. In addition, it has a plexiglass palette for its remixed painting next to him.

Instead of a white palette, try to find a tile in a gray tone average, it is more convenient to see the tonal value of your color.

If you want to show your palette or your job, do not hesitate to send me your photos, I would write an article on the subject.

Well, I think I’ve told you everything. Try your turn and good painting!

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