a silver spoon

Here is the drawing of a silver spoon very damaged. It is “stuck” where from the lack of reflection and the black parts on the spoon realized in the pencil-charcoal.

At the beginning, I thought this drawing was not bad.. But now, I have a question for you:
In your opinion, this spoon is put how? The convex face is towards you or it is the hollow that you see?
In my drawing class,  some students asked the question. It means that my drawing is not just. The shadows are not well placed but it is them who give the volume of an object.

a drawing of a silver spoon

a silver spoon

Now, I hate this drawing. I shall have been able to put it in the trash can, or to put it in a drawer! On the contrary, I posted it on the wall above my desk during months. Why? To remind me that the “own” shadow is one of the keys of the success of a realistic drawing.

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