A card (1)

I am going to present you one of my favorite drawings. As well as my researches to arrive there. I made this drawing in March, 2009.

I found a photo of a cart which pleased me well. Why a cart? No idea! A lightning stroke can be.

I fast had a problem: draw a wheel of cart in perspective. I was forced to make research to know how to make. I found books Loomis (I shall soon speak to you about it). And I learned to draw wheels of carts. I took photos as one goes along. (I apologize for them bad qualities.)

drawing of a wheel card

it's difficult to drawing a wheel !

It is necessary to know that to draw a wheel in perspective, it is necessary to know how to  draw a square in perspective. Indeed, a circle is contained in a square. I shall talk again you of it a next time. I owed many me to entrainer.

After studying the difficulties, I was able to begin to draw the whole cart. I decided to draw in graphite pencil on a A4 format. But this drawing is smaller. I did not make coverage to realize this drawing. I used my ruler and 3 landmarks to begin. Then, I took measures of comparison.

a card drawing

the beginner of my card

The continuation in the next article…

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