A card (2)

a card with texture. A graphite pencil drawing.

the card with texture and 'own' shadow

Hello !

Having learned to draw a wheel, I started in the construction of the cart.

Now, I have to texture and shading the cart. It’s gone !
I have to begin to place the ‘own’ shadows. It is them who are going to give the shape of the object but also to indicate the subject.

It is not too bad I think, even if there are still some errors.
It is necessary to take all its time to realize this part of the drawing. Otherwise, we obtain a drawing which gives an aspect of sketch.
I specify that this drawing was made on a classic drawing paper and that  graphites pencils  are 2H (for lines of departure), HB, B and 5B.

Yes, ok, it is nice my cart, but it ‘floats’ ! Yes ! It looks like it floats on the page! So, I  put of the grass to return this more true drawing.
To make realistic drawing, it is necessary to think of putting the shadows “ported” of the cart on the ground. It is essential.
Well, here is what it gives:

a drawing of a card

the wood card

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