Lioness (1)

In April, 2009, I continued to take my online course of drawing. For one of its lessons, we had to draw the details of a party of an animal. We could choose it.

drawing of paw and ear of a lioness

preparatory sketch

I decided to draw a lioness. I examined images on the net and in my documentation. I found images of a head of lioness which seemed to me nice to draw and practicable.

The problem: I did not draw the fur, and even fewer white hairs.

So, I followed the advice given on my drawing course, and I have to draw parts of lioness to learn more easily. frankly, I recommend you this method.

I  found an image of a lion cub and I also drew these eyes.

drawing of eyes of lioness and lion cub

Another sketch

The continuation in the next article…..

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