Portrait of a child


It is very rare, but I decided to paint a portrait in the pencil graphite. It is about the  portrait of a child whom I like very much. As it is incapable to like in position and to pose for me, I took a photo without that he puts poses.

This drawing required many working hours. I trained at first by realizing sketches of the eyes. Why eyes? It is the eyes that make a portrait expressive, natural and lifelike.
I thank his parents for having authorized me to publish the photo and the drawing. Indeed, in France, the rights are very strict about copyright. It is necessary the authorization to publish the image of somebody. Moreover, this portrait is protected against the copyright (see this article).

I put the original photo to show the resemblance of my drawing. it is for the format A4 and it is realized in the pencil graphite. The paper makes 125g / m ² and it has a light grain. I had difficulty making hair but I think that you noticed it.

graphite pencil portrait of a children

portrait of a children

I find that many portrait are too much darkened and do not correspond in it really tonal value of the subject. So I tried to find the good tones. The contrast but too much either is needed.

I used a grid but it fast hampered me and I removed it from the beginning. To return the softer face, I shaded off the lines( with a cotton wool.
Here we are, I hope that this drawing pleased you.

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