Baby of Leonardo da Vinci

Today, I present you a graphite pencil drawing  which I realized by copying Léonardo da Vinci (Leonard de Vinci), or one of his disciples.

As the title indicates it, it is about a drawing of baby’s head …

Indeed, I decided to make a small copy with the aim of learning the modeling. And in that case, there is nothing better that to draw according to one of the sketches of Leonardo  da Vinci.

A first sketch :

a sketch of baby's head

A first sketch of the baby's head

This drawing is approximately 4 cms. it is realized with a graphite pencil and I shaded off it in the paper stump.

As you can see, I have can be too much marked certain lines. On the other hand, we feel well the shape of the head, rather characteristic at a baby.

Another drawing of a head of a baby

The last sketch

Here is a 2nd attempt to draw this baby’s head. The shade is more marked, the bigger ear and thus more correct. it has good cheeks this baby!! the 2nd try seems  more correct to me. And you, what do you think ?

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