My first material


What material to buy to begin with a small budget?

  • A graphite pencil;
  • eraser;
  • support.
  • Small miscellaneous equipment.

Graphite pencil.

image of Koh-I-noor box

Koh-I-noor 1500

My first pencils were “Contés”, classic in France. It is the most sold in stationery stores. I began with 2H, HB,2B and 4B. However, you can very well begun with the 2B only.
Then, I have bought my first box of quality pencil: Koh-I-Noor 1500. It box contains 12 pencils of 2H to 8B. It has an excellent value for money. But there are several other excellent brands as Derwent.

If you like and use other brands, you can indicate it in comments. (No spam, thank you).


Attention, all erasers do not equal. A good eraser must be flexible without making too much “waste” for the scrub. I use the Staedtler brand. They are not expensive, of rectangular shape. There are the others, like Faber Castell, certain Maped erasers. etc….

There are the other type of eraser, but I shall speak to you about in another article, because it does not make party of my first material.
To obtain very fine lines of scrub, I cut my eraser with cutter to obtain sharp angles.

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