My first material (continued)


In the previous article, I spoke to you about pencils and erasers. I’m going to speak to you about paper and drawing support.


I use two kinds of paper:
The typing paper 80g / m² ; (20 lb)
The drawing paper of 125g / m² (33 lb).

The first paper serves me for exercises and drafts. The brand doesn’t matter. It is a smooth-textured and rather fine paper.
The second paper is intended for the drawing said “finished”. There are several good marks brands. In France, I use the brand “Dalbe”. It is a good value for money. To know which paper is convenient for you, a single solution: make the tests. But do not come down(fall) below 100g / m ².

In France, we speak of g/m ² to indicate the poid of the paper. 125g / m ² corresponds to 33 lbs approximately. It is a medium weight paper.
I use the back of a drawing paper. It is smoother than the front. In my opinion, it is better for drawing with graphite pencil.


You always draw on a support. It may be a desk, a table. But as soon as you realize a drawing with perspective (and perspective is almost everywhere), I urge you to draw on a vertical or an inclined plane. It is better for your back and for your nape of the neck.

There are several solutions:

  • Simple board;
  • Classic easel;
  • Drawing board;
  • The Desktop table easel.

I sometimes use the drawing board when I draw on my bed or the sofa. But mostly, I draw on the desktop table easel.

It’s my office :

My office

My office with desktop table easel


There is a small material which will be very useful for you. This :

  • Ruler, square….
  • Cutter, sandpaper or pencil sharpener
  • Stump: cotton, cotton swab (cotton bud), paper stumps………

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