My drawing of january 2009

Hello everybody !

I shall like showing you my drawings of January, 2009. It is about a nude and about a trunk. It is my first drawings of nudes. I used the drawings of a book to realize them.

For this nude, I used charcoal and powder of charcoal power. I applied the powder with a cotton bud to make the shadows of the body.
There are anatomical errors, as the arm for example. This drawing is 0,46 foot high.

a drawing of  female nude

a nude

For the next drawing, I also used charcoal. “The male torso” is 0.5 foot high.This drawing results from the same book as the 1st nude. It is especially about exercises and not about “léché” drawing.

a drawing of a male torso

a male torso

The line drawing seems easier than mass. But the charcoal is not very adapted for lines. As I am novice, it makes rather unrefined.

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