My drawing of january 2009 – suite


I continue the presentation of my drawings of January. After a nude and a torso, here is a face and a skull.

The feminine face

This face is realized in the charcoal. It is from the same book as the exposure of the preceding article. It is an exercise to learn to use charcoal. It is not a difficult drawing. This kind of drawing allows a beginner to make a fast drawing without losing patience. Indeed, a difficult drawing is fast going to pall the draftsmen “in the blade”.

a feminine face drawing

A feminine face

The skull

This drawing is realized in the pencil graphite. It is my first drawing of skull, but not the last one.
This drawing was an exercise for my course of drawing. This skull is too flat. I did not know how to return the volumes by a correct shade of the forms.

skull drawing

a skull

It’s a shame to have missed this drawing. For a beginner, it is difficult to draw a nice skull.
I shall make the other skulls, because it is very interesting.

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