My drawings of january 2009-the end

Here is the last chapter on my drawings of January, 2009.
perhaps I have said it to you, I learn drawing. For this, I joined a course, but I shall talk you again about this later.

I was learning in this course that it is good to make “boards of drawings” on the same subject but in different positions or with different mediums.
It is an excellent teaching method. So I decided to draw hands. We always need to know how to draw hands.
Here is a board of graphite pencil drawing :

drawing of hands


Make exercises it’s good, very well even. But from time to time, we need to make a ” real drawing “. Here is an imaginary undergrowth realized in the graphite pencil. I enjoyed a lot drawing it. I also made researches to know how to draw a thrush and in which environment middle she lived.
This drawing makes a A5 format.

an undergrowth drawing


See you later …..

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