Figure in wire


If you follow this blog since the beginning, you know that I learn to draw. In my class, we learn to draw figures in  wire. It is very pleasant!

Why to make characters in wire ? Simply to draw easily characters in movement. We take care only of joints. Here is an example:

sketch of wire characters.

Graphite pencil sketch

Now, when I draw a character, I always begin with the wire. It is easier and it avoids staying in front of a white page by wondering where start.

After every course (module), we have to realize drawings. The theme is imposed. After the course on joints, we had to draw duellists according to a model. It was very interesting and funny.
It was simply a question of copying out, but we should also place the joints.
Here is my drawing:

two duellists drawing


Naturally, there are errors, but I like it.

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