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I’m always on the design of my illustration’Thoughful woman’ and after thinking about the main idea, now, I must start the drawing.

I have an idea of the main subject of my artwork, but now, I must put everything in context. For that, I close my eyes and imagine the scene. Once it’s set up in my mind, I realize small thumbnails. Thumbnails are essential in illustration. It isn’t necessary to make perfect drawings, and often they are readable only by the illustrator. The spectator can’t see well as scribbles especially if the picture is complex.  Thumbnail has to make only some centimeters. Very often, draftman don’t realize a single thumbnail but a dozen or more. It depends illustrators and some people can make fifty.

Here are mine for this illustration. As it is simple, I didn’t have to do much.


Thumbnail for thoughtful woman illustration

Thumbnail for thoughtful woman


others thumbnails for illustration

others thumbnails

These thumbnails are very small (max. 7 cm – 2.75 inches). Now my idea is in place, I can go looking for images for creating and it will be in the next article.

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