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Quite a while ago, I wanted to review my knowledge and I decided to go into a small illustration. In the end this is one of my greatest illustrations in size and in preparation). But first things first ….

I made ​​a plan of the way I wanted to approach this illustration. I always want to finish a drawing before I started it and I need to slow down a little. A detailed plan could help me.

First of all, the research for idea.

I ) the idea.

I  didn’t a precise idea, on the other hand, I have a stream of images the aim of which is to  serve me in drawing. It’s either my own images, either royalty free images found on the web or pictures that I bought the rights to the sites for draftsmen. The purpose of this stock image is to serve me as references for drawings but also to inspire me in case of uninspired. It’s exactly one of this images I decided to use. At first, I just sketched a picture in small size. Just for the pleasure and to see if I was going to manage it. Here’s what happens

a first drawing

first sketch 9 cm

I know, it is not a very good drawing. I just wanted to know if it would enjoy me to make this drawing, if it would inspired me and in the end …. No, I didn’t like it. My concern was especially the head, I did not like her look. So I decided to turn her head, and just, I had the picture I needed. This would simplify my task.

In the next blog post, we will see the conception of the image through thumbnails.


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