The lemon squeezer

a image of the construction line of a lemon squeezer

The first sketch of the lemon squeezer

For my art classes online,  I would to draw an object from life (without photo) for a still life. It was necessary to show its work in construction of the drawing. The drawings which follow were made on the same sheet. It is about photo allowing to see the progress of the drawing…..

This sketch allows to place the first outlines thanks to lines of construction which we shall erase completely afterward. Obviously, these lines of construction must be fine.

the second sketch with the contruction lines

The second sketch

The second photo: the main lines of outlines are placed.

And here is the final drawing of the lemon squeezers :

The drawing of a lemon squeezer

the finished drawing

As you can see, it is not very just. Indeed, the shadows and the cone is not of a correct shape. But I have to say that this drawing was very difficult for me. Indeed, I have not still well likened the implementation of the drawing. But it will come! This drawing was realized on some classic drawing paper. It is drawn in pencil graphite and was made in July, 2009.Why I show you all his very inferior preparatory sketches? To show you that a drawing it gets ready and that a sketch of very ‘ugly’ departure can allow you to write down an idea or to begin to set up a ‘licked’ said drawing.

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