a picture of my hand with a scissorsScissors in hand

In jun, 2010, I attended course of French drawing. The professor asked us to make the realistic drawing of our own hand.

I decided to use charcoal and charcoal pencil as medium. It’s true, hand is a good subject of drawing : It changes with age, sex, position, ans it can hold an object or not. It’s very instructive.

I used a grid of 1.80 inch (2 cm) to place well the hand without necessarily too much precision. Then, I made the implementation for the charcoal. The darkest values were realized in the charcoal pencil. I used a paper stump to standardize everything.

My hand, the model :

a picture of my hand with a scissors

the model © Copyright

step one of my charcoal drawing

step one

The paper is white, but the picture is bad.

Step two of my drawing 'scissors in hand'

step two

The final result of my drawing

the final result : 'scissors in hand'

It’s a A4 format : 21 x 29.7 cm : 8.27 inch x 11.69 inch on a simple drawing paper.

In brief, I shall say : Draw hands …..

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