photo of tubes of paintingA color can hide another

For an exercise of painting, my teacher of PTO used of the burnt sienna. I saw that the color was not the same as the one I use…..

Indeed, his burnt sienna is more red than mine. I believed at first that I don’t well how to spread it (I beginner), then I bowed to the evidence : the color was not really the same.

No no ! I didn’t make a mistake about tube !

I did some research and I realised that there were no rule for color names. So, It can have there several colors for a blue ultramarine or for the burnt sienna.

On the other hand, pigments are regulated.

Here is a small comparison of burnt sienna of different marks according to the used pigments :

a chart of comparison about the burnt sienna

Comparison according to marks

PR101 code is considered as red while the PBR7 code is considered as a brown color.

To change mark isn”t  without consequence especially if you have a current painting. It will be necessary to look at first in colour charts to find the good colour. I invite you to visit  the sites of the various provided you with marks.

Color chart of Winsor & Newton

Color chart of Fragonard of Pebeo

Color chart of Fine color of Pebeo

Color chart of Le Franc Bourgeois

Color chart of Sennelier

Pigment colour chart


featured image of  Wharman (flickr)


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