picture of a maskPriceless paintings stolen in Corsica


A theft of paintings was committed Saturday, February 19 in Ajaccio, Corsica (France).
The works stolen are :

Works of great beauty. If we had to estimate this theft, it will amount to several millions dollars.

Who committed this theft?

The keeper of the museum! He even warned a television (France 3) after the theft. No, this is not a joke! Then, this man is made to the police to confess his crime.

For what reason has he done this?

Blackmail. He simply asked the City of Ajaccio for an accommodation in exchange for pictures! Incredible! This is not the City Council who will stay, but the state! (Prison).

But the matter does not end there! He finally admits that the paintings were in his car.When police arrived at the car, she can only see that it was fractured, and pictures ? Stolen ! : stolen the thief !

This story is pathetic! And I hope the tables will be made very quickly and in good condition! But then I think we can always dream !

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