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I already submitted social media on which I present, as Twitter and Facebook, but I do not yet spoken to my page ……StumbleUpon.


I don’t know if you know, but I am French (southern France) and I have a blog written in French : Dessins et Plaisirs©. Drawing and Painting is its English counterpart. So I created a blog to part, a facebook page to part as well as a profile Twitter to part. But to StumbleUpon, I thought it was better necessary to group together, because as it is mostly about art, I think it is international.

In France, few people know StumbleUpon, it’s a pity for social one media concerned sites and blogs which I find so practical.
Indeed, it can share with others sites that interest me. Since the web is a huge lot of blogs and sites, StumbleUpon seems to me essential.
Finally, this is good. All that to say that I have a StumblerUpon page !


A picture of my StumbleUpon toolbar

My StumbleUpon toolbar

I resume :

My Twitter Profile

My Facebook page fan

My StumbleUpon page


a screenshot of my StumbleUpon page

My StumbleUpon page



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