picture of pastelMy first pastel


I continue to draw hands.

I took in model of a hand drawing realized in pastel from the book “The hand, the  sketchbook”. it’s about drawings of the “French school of the 18th century”. This hand has certainly been made ​​by a student because it has anatomical errors. I drew it all the same, by keeping its anatomical errors.

I admit that I  increased, a little,  the errors by adding it mine.

A pastel drawing of a hand

My first pastel

This pastel makes a little less than 21 x 29 cms. I had many pleasures to make this drawing. Indeed, I made a success (I believe) to return the volume of this hand. I noticed that in the pastel, we could reproduce the skin colour with several colors, including blue. It surprised me at first, but it is essential. It also allows to return well the volume.

I did not return exactly the same color as on the drawing of origin. It is necessary to say that I have that a small box  of pastel. But I was able all the same to replace the missing colors, and I do not think that it is too annoying.

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