a fishing boat drawinga fishing boat

After drawing hands for my drawing classes, I decided to make a totally different drawing.

I’ll discuss here a drawing called “léché” (in French), a graphite pencil drawing in size  A4. A drawing “léché (licked)” is a drawing pushed up to the end, it’s the opposite of a sketch.



a fishing boat drawing

A graphite pencil drawing

For once, and those who follow me know it, I managed to darken the drawing correctly. I think the contrasts make this boat fun to look. But attention still not be abused. I see too many drawings called “charred” especially in portraits. I must say that the drawing on paper looks better than its digital copy. I made this drawing to give me a little courage for the next course on the water rendering. The sea is calm can fully convey the lighting effects.

The boat is not the center of the drawing, which would be a mistake. Indeed, it isn’t best  to focus the main subjects. Otherwise, it focuses too much attention of the viewer which doesn’t see any more the rest. But I’ll talk may be in an upcoming article. The sky asked me too many problems: correctly draw a sky, an entire program ….


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