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As you know, I’m drawing lessons online, and we have to do exercises that we call DAF (Dessin à faire : Drawing to do). As of October 2009, we had to work on the human body.And for that, nothing better than the model of our teacher …

.. We had to learn to study each part of the body before we get into the drawing, or outline. Indeed, it is important to know how to look before you know to draw. We have therefore been entitled to a series of photos of the model of our teacher, former fashion model but a very high quality, capable of reproducing a number of human gestures (that are not capable of doing modern manikin ) and most importantly, to keep the break. This model reproduces the posture of a human unconscious:

a charcoal drawing of a manikin

Tha manikin on a kraft paper

This drawing was done in charcoal and white pencil on kraft paper (a brown paper). It is about 55 cm long. This is the first time I do a large drawing. Charcoal and Kraft, it’s not necessarily a good idea, because the charcoal tends to slide on the smooth surface of kraft. The kraft paper as a whole, has a smoother side than the other. Do not draw on that side with the charcoal. By cons, charcoal provides great shade in hues. I have a great pleasure to drawing with it. As you can see, then I hope the model rests on a support of transparent material. The shadow in it therefore quite clear and diffused. The white pencil allowed me to make light highlights on the body of Caution, do not use white charcoal pencil, it would make an ugly gray. Leave blank the first part in light of your drawing, after adding white.

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