The hands and me !


As you know, to learn the drawing ( and painting thereafter ) . I go back to talk about the drawings that I made. Here we are in May 2010 …….

I take drawing classes and learned how to draw hands. I tried practicing and I borrowed a book from the library. It included only drawings of the great masters on  hands. I tried to redo a few and here’s what happens.

Graphite pencil drawing of hands

Hands,hands and hands

I copied these drawings just by looking at them, without gridlines and other aid. Moreover, among these hands, there is mine. Yes, I drew my own hand in this drawing (drawn from life). It drawing is realised with graphite pencil, some with white highlights and others, heightened with sepia pencil. Paper is a paper in gray Canson A4. (29.7 x 21 cm).

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