My leprechaun garden©Leprechauns Gardens : Continued

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As you may have read in my last article, I had fun drawing a little leprechaun gardens (not to be confused with those houses). But I found him very gray, a shame for my poor leprechaun.

So I decided to do something! And off you go!, I took my drawing, I fixed on a board and I made a little poncif (a copy of my drawing made with an iron pencil) and this is my little boy ready to paint!

Well, I spent a lot of time trying to put a coat of paint without extending! Fortunately and thanks to the ‘poncif’, I could start over and over. When I finally understood that I took too much paint on my brush, I could begin to cap and jacket.

Well, it’s far from perfect but I like him. Except for the face. I still can not make flesh color correct and as a result, I spread of painting and he lost his facial expressions. But I’ll manage to do it,  I tell you, I’ll manage to do it …..

I ‘m going to say you that the drawing is 10 cm (3.94 inch) high and it is an oil painting on drawing paper. (with two layers of gesso anyway!)

My leprechaun garden©

An illustration of a leprechaun

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