My leprechaun gardenA leprechaun Gardens!


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This summer it was warm in the South of France. And thus very warmly in my apartment under roofs. Same result each year : not wish to paint or draw. But this year was a little different ….

I tried to grow some vegetables on my balcony. Overall, nothing extraordinary in that. But here we are, my mind wandered and I imagined a small company leprechaun no higher than three apples. They would have been able to live near my building and they would come to use in my small vegetable garden. Let’s say I had to catch a sunstroke because I do not know what they could eat because nothing grew on my balcony.

In any case, this absurd idea of leprechaun’s gardens had the merit of making me a little drawing.

Thus, I present you a small leprechaun gardens (not confused with those of houses).

This drawing realized with graphite pencil on drawing paper and measure 10 cm (4 inch).

My leprechaun garden

drawing of a leprechaun

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