A brilliant illustrator : Mr. Gustave Fraipont


Poster of Gustave Fraipont's railroads

Poster of G. Fraipont about the French railroads

Today, I am going to speak to you about Mr. Gustave Fraipont. I do not know if you heard about it…

He was born in 1849 and died in 1923. It was a painter (oil, gouache, watercolor, pastel, etc.), a sculptor and a great draftsman-illustrator. Born in Belgium (Brussels), he took the French nationality some years later ( double nationality).
He was an art teacher to ” the house of education  of the legion of honor ” (in France).
He illustrated ” the tales of Perrault ” and ” The letters of my Mill ” and many other books(pounds).
I knew his works through  my drawing teacher. Indeed, Gustave Fraipont knew how to draw admirably well the landscapes by using the on-line drawing. (The opposite: the drawing “en masse”). He realized of very well books of learning of drawing and painting.

His books  were not  more than fifty pages, but very well written (in ancient French). His

Book on the neighborhood of Paris
Book of Fraipont about the neighborhood of Paris

books are fille with drawings. They make dream and we can only appreciate still of advantage the drawing by reading them. (Very few recent French books can say about it so much).

I bought several Mr Fraipont’s second-hand books, because regrettably, it is not any more republished. Do not imagine “single step”, no.Mr Fraipont uses words to communicate you his knowledge.He drew in his studio but also in the street. He used  the charcoal as well as the graphite pencil.

Example of book of Mr. G. Fraipont:
The drawing and the feather  (Le dessin et la plume);
The art to take a sketch and to use it (L’art de prendre un croquis et de l’utiliser);
The pencil and its whims (Le crayon et ses fantaisies);
The art to paint the landscapes in watercolors (L’art de peindre les paysages à l’aquarelle);


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