Treasure room

Subscribers to my Facebook page or my Twitter account know it, I realized an illustration in graphite pencil  about the treasure room of the Dwarf people.

I realized at first a quick sketch, then, on another sheet, I placed the horizon to set up perspective of the room and objects. Then, I drew objects and placed the character lastly.

Finally, I decided to shade to give volume to objects and to create the atmosphere which I wished. I put on my  Facebook page 3 intermediate images of my artwork:

First step

Second step

Third step


Normally, you can see my images without needing to be a Facebook member.

The final illustration:

A drawing of a treasure room

Treasure room of Sandy Taillan ©

Enlargements of parts:

An elargement of my drawing

a part of my drawing : the barrel

a part of my drawing: Dwarf personnage

A part of the Sandy Taillan © drawing : The dwarf guard



This illustration is simple, with perspective without great difficulty. But I admit that I had many pleasures to draw it. It is a good means to learn.

Format of the drawing : 21 x 29,7 cm (A4) 8.27 x 11.69 inch

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