Merry Christmas 2010 !

Hello, and good Christmas to all!

I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas Eve and good Christmas all. And I  make you a small drawing for this opportunity.

Regrettably, and as usual, my camera is not at the top and the image is not terrible.

I just wanted to mark the occasion, normal for a site of drawing. I hope that next year, I would have progressed enough to make it to you in the oil painting. I hang, I hang in my learning.

a drawing with Santa Claus and a mother and his child

the Santa Claus

This drawing represents a  Santa Claus looking through a window. In the house, we can see a child and his mother to prepare a glass of milk and some cookies for the Santa Claus.

I would have been able to show a fir tree and presents to represent Christmas, it would have more been eloquent, but I find that Christmas became mercantile: toys are more and  more and more expensively. So, I preferred to represent the feeling of Christmas  sharing: here, the pleasure to share a glass of milk and some cakes to thank the Santa Claus.

This drawing is realized in the pencil graphite, of the HB in the 8B on a classic drawing paper in A3 format .

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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