Linda Huber : a Great Artist !


Do you know Linda Huber ?

Linda Huber was born in Brooklyn in 1958. She draws since forty years. Her favorite medium is the graphite pencil. I think that it’s a great artist. Her drawings are very realistic and she draws especially portraits, but she also draws objects to create effects of texture. As I like the realistic drawings, I love Linda Huber’s drawings.

Look at her work ! It’s beautiful ! Me, I like  looking her drawings.

a drawing of Linda Huber : a glass with wine

drawing with effects of texture of Linda Huber

Linda Huber works especially on the pencil mechanical and seems to use the 2B and the 3B a lot, but she uses all the range of pencils up to the 9B to obtain beautiful blacks. On her website, which I give the link below, you will see explanatory videos of this drawing.

Linda Huber works mainly in pencil and pencil seem to use much the 2B and 3B, but uses the full range of pencils until 9B for beautiful black. On its website, which I give the link below, you will see explanatory videos of this drawing.

car's drawing of Linda Huber

Just a word : Beautiful !

Did you notice the concern of the detail ? The quality of the reflections on the car? Linda Huber prevented the car from “floating” in the paper by putting a shadow under the car. I often forget this detail.


Linda Huber is really very nice! She explains us her technique in videos in which she movie to explain indeed.
She has especially a secret!

graphite pencil drawing of a cat

A very realistic cat

Which one? The patience ! And that is what I miss most! Know how to spend hours on a drawing, take its time ! I tell you, that one of great secret of the realistic drawing.


a drawing of a baby

Beautiful !

The website of Linda Huber. Please, visite it ! :


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