My drawings of August, 2009.

We are in August 2009, and it is very warm in the South of France. I support very badly the heat, and I do not any more manage to draw. I have all the same manages to make two drawings. They look like moreover more sketches….


I believe that it is one of rare times when I used sepia pencil. I like the color, but it’s difficult to erase. It raises me problem because I cannot do without some eraser. My line is rarely just straight off.

Drawing of Pears


The purpose of this drawing was to learn the shade. I know, this drawing is far from being completed, but I like it. It is a quite simple still life realized on the  A5 format.


Here are two sketches of hands to make exercises. I like to draw hands, moreover, you will see it others. They are small, they have to be 5 or 6 cms each. They are realized in the pencil graphite. In this dimension, not easy to draw the shadows and to add the volume. I really need to stop drawing so small!

Drawing of hands

A graphite pencil drawing of hands

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